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Prices and Hiring Information:

  • Full day classes are 6 hours ($850)
  • Half day classes are 3 hours ($550).
  • Each lecture is 1 hour or longer ($650).*

* If hired for lecture without a class, lecture fee is $950.

* If hired to teach Let Me Surprise You! kit class, fee is $750.

I use contracts provided by the groups. Hotel is required, non smoking. Transportation from the airport to and from the hotel, meals, class and lectures will be provided by the group. Meals and hotel stay will be paid for in addition to fees charged. If flying, I will contact the group for payment of the ticket before booking.  I only fly Delta unless it is not available in your area and then only for that segment. 

In most cases KITS will be shipped ahead of time to a safe place. This will have to be to a hotel or someone who will NOT open the boxes for any reason. It will be addressed to me and should be opened only by me.

Let's Be Friends! (full day) -  Supply List


Mysteries are so much fun, but so is learning how color works and how different units go together. This New class will have all that!

Each student brings 2 1/2" strips that will be exchanged. With a group of 20 or more there will be SO much to work with!

Depending on skill level and how fast you sew, you could actually finish a top in class. Amazing what can happen in a day.

Let Me Surprise You! (full day) -  Supply List


Finally, a class that you know you have brought the right things for! In this fun-filled class, a kit of CUT fabrics is furnished. This is a wonderful group workshop for those that just want to sew and not have any cutting or thinking to do.

This class is the most popular class Charlotte offers. It fills quickly and is a SURPRISE in more ways than one. It is a mystery type class. No one gets any hints and yet those who take the class will want to take another. Each class is a different quilt. Rarely are the kits repeated. All kits in class are the same, there is no choice for the students. This is the type of class that works well at shows, because it lets the students have a great time plus have a successful project. It is also great for guilds where the students know each other and like to talk and don’t usually get that chance in other classes.

If you are a group hiring Charlotte, YOU will determine the price of the kit. That can range from $100 (small) to as much as you want each kit to cost. The size will be determined by the fabric used and how it is cut. If, for example it is a complicated cut, the price is higher just for that part. The higher the price the larger the kit. The fabrics used in the kits are all top quality and with yardage prices being around $12 per yard and up, the price of the kits reflects this cost. 

NOTE: Charlotte needs at least 6 months' lead time for this class. You must give her a max number of students and a price that far in advance so she can be prepared. Anyone stuck in a color group, who needs to be in control of her project or one who wants to learn lots of cutting tips most likely will not like this workshop. Someone who loves to sew all day with no worries, laughing and having a great time with a project worth finishing will love this workshop.

Here are some pictures from the Let Me Surprise You Class

Quilt from Let Me Surprise You Class         Quilt from Let Me Surprise You Class        






Simple Machine Quilting (for scaredy cats) -  Supply List

So many students are afraid of trying to machine quilt for a number of reasons. Whatever your reason is, this is the class for you!

In a half day class learn all the little things you need to start machine quilting. Hints and a few tricks, the practice that you need and you will be quilting before you know what happened. This class is for the very beginner, afraid of machine quilting, think that it is too much for you to handle.... or those who think it is really simple and just want some guidance before jumping in.

A kit is required for this class. $15




  • Why Aren't You Making More Quilts? I know you have the fabric
  • Hello, My Name is Charlotte and I am a Quilt Maker
  • Your Stash, My Stash! (design, color, collections and quilts)
  • What's In Your Closet?

Each lecture is humorous, light and yet full of information and real quilts. There are no slides or power point, lights are up and ideas are flowing. Many people can not attend classes, and lectures are a great way for them to get a view of what quilting is all about.  Questions are always welcome during the lecture. Bring friends, cameras and be ready to laugh!


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